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35 SMART Goals Examples for All Areas of Your Life

It is very interesting to analyse the goals. Which fit to me which not. Some are really worth to think about. Thanks to Connie Stemmle.

Have an engaging time that will help you move forward.

When you think five, ten, or fifteen years into the future, what do you hope will be significantly different than it is today?

Your income? Your health? Your relationships?

We all have visions for the future, and whatever yours may be, setting effective goals can help you get there by keeping you motivated, helping you feel confident, and making sure you stay focused.

SMART career goals
SMART finance goals
SMART health goals 
SMART relationship goals
SMART leisure goals 
SMART personal growth goals 
SMART spirituality goals

You find the article with the goals here.

Missing some details? Please visit the linked source to see the complete original article. What is your impression? Did the content make you think? Then I would be pleased to receive your opinion in the form of a feedback or comment. There are so many exciting things to discover.

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You are what you do — day after day after day.“

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