12 Things To Avoid Doing If You Want A Productive Day

A great article. For sure I think about all points but most important for me are points 3, 5 and 7. What are your most critical points?
POST WRITTEN BYExpert Panel, Forbes Coaches Council

Have an engaging time that will help you move forward.

Self-help gurus around the globe have talked about what a professional should and shouldn’t do to have a productive day. Their advice covers a wide range of elements, from what forms a productive routine to what things can distract from your productivity.

While many of these bits of information can be useful, asking professionals for their advice on the subject tends to generate more actionable insights. This is why we consulted 12 members of Forbes Coaches Council about what things a professional ought to avoid if they want to have a productive and positive day. Here is what they told us.

1. Ruminating On Yesterday’s Issues
2. Deprioritizing Your Self-Care
3. Overscheduling And Overcommitting
4. Worshipping The Snooze Button
5. Staying In Your Pajamas
6. Starting Your Day With Junk
7. Checking Your Phone First Thing
8. Letting Others Program Your Thinking
9. Getting Caught Up In The Overview
10. Focusing On The Negative
11. Leaving Your Day To Randomness
12. Waiting For The Best Life Hack

All details to the points you explore here.

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You are what you do — day after day after day.“

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